So, I want to tell what I talk about when I talk about Nature – and forests in particular, But about us also, Society and Nature, or people and forestry. We need to keep in mind the extent of the topic – exactly what are we talking about?

First Question:
What is Nature?
That which is studied by Natural Sciences? – Then we get involved with the universe, cosmos, interstellar space and dark matter, planetary geology, genetics, DNA, microbes, subatomic particles. That goes way beyond my reach.
Nature as wilderness
Nature as that which constitutes our distant origin or cradle
Nature as that which is not cultivated
Nature as that which is different from us, or even dangerous.
Nature as that which is outside the city gates
Nature as resources, Natural Resources, there to be harvested, for anyone who has the understanding
Nature as a dormant land resource, to be developed for systematic production of marketable crops
Nature as uncontrollable and threatening elements
Nature as an enemy to be conquered and tamed
Nature as that which is invisible and disregarded in the economic calculations

Let’s start with the Wilderness part! National Parks with deep forests fit in that context. Indonesia has established 52 National Parks. Pick some to visit! In West Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia, you find several: Lake Sentarum, Betung-Kerihun among them. See tours in . There you will also meet the Dayak, original residents of the areas, entirely adapted to life in and with Nature (and with interesting answers to my questions above).
The Governments of Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia, with a number of NGOs initiated in 2007 a concept called Heart of Borneo (HoB), aimed at protecting an extensive forest and wilderness area composed of National Parks with adjacent forests, rivers and lakes. HoB covers 220 000 km2, or 22 million ha – which is about the total extent of forest land in Sweden.
http://www.naturetrailsIndonesia offers guided tours into the Heart of Borneo.

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