Here some ideas from Pinterest. I don’t know how useful they are, but some of them are at least amusing. Use of natural resources and conflict go together, that is just inevitable, and we know it has always been so.

Land conflict is an ever-present feature in forest management and natural resource protection, everywhere and certainly in Indonesia. A growing rural population and a growing awareness of the increasing value of land are driving factors. Encroachment into areas of natural forest and into forest plantations can nowadays be monitored from year to year through satellites – and recently by drone. But monitoring is just a first step – the big job is how to resolve conflicts where official government ownership stands against traditional or community ownership, or traditional use over long periods. Sweden and Indonesia can provide illuminating illustrations as the ownership picture is very different. Indonesia has comparatively small areas of privately owned forest with state ownership dominating. The state land is often leased to private operators, who are then tasked with protecting the resource and dealing with the conflicts – referring to government regulations and government institution decisions. The communities may feel unfairly dealt with, and the process drags on.

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