In my very first post of this blog I write about the interaction between Society and Nature. I have asked What is nature, and tried to give some answers. To me, a simple answer looks like this.

It should not really be necessary to explain further. But as I dig on, there is more and more to say. Is there any genuine Nature left on Earth, and if so: where is that Nature? I am asking after reading https://www.ecowatch.com/plastic-debris-arctic-2489423193.html  from EcoWatch on 25 Sept 2017.

“Plastic Debris Found on one of the World’s most Inaccessible Places.” Researchers have reached a spot about 1600 km from the North Pole, and found blocks of Styrofoam on top of the ice. The article also repeats what has been indicated earlier and begins to read like a curse: These non-biodegradable items can break down into tiny pieces or microplastics and can get ingested by marine animals and enter the larger food chain. –  Meaning: those microplastics will spread all over. So, where do we go to find Nature?

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